Temperature-controlled stores and production facilities

Kühllager für FleischversandWe plan and build temperature-controlled stores and production facilities, an investment which will pay off:

  • functional planning corresponding to your operations corresponding planning
  • high quality materials and manufacture in accordance with the EU and veterinary regulations
  • inexpensive implementation with low operating and maintenance costs
  • complete and ready-to-operate implementation from a single source for new and rebuilding projects
  • we are planning and building all over Germany and worldwide


As a basis for further planning and for working out detailed quotations, we shall be happy to advise you and to compile for you:

  • situation analyses
  • calculations of heating and cooling requirements
  • calculations of investment cost
  • calculations of operating cost
  • feasibility study,
  • financing concepts
  • rating of buildings and plants already existing or to be built
  • applications specified by German emission protection regulations (BlmSch)
  • technical expert opinions
  • GMP executions
  • HACCP implementation


Let us deal with the technical and architectural work on your project, right through from pre-planning to the approval stage. We shall be happy to create for you:

  • production and business processes
  • material flow systems
  • order-picking systems
  • space utilisation programs
  • integration of storage and transport technology
  • planning of technical installations and machine location
  • architectural drawings by means of CAD systems
  • approval procedures
  • static analysis
  • project management