Refrigation and Air Conditioning Technology

You Advantage

The right selection and design of refrigeration and air conditioning technology will not only help reduce the cost of investment, but will also cut running costs decisively. The environmental compatibility and future safety of the cooling agents, low energy consumption and energy recuperation are important to us and almost certainly to you too.

In the production plants, for example, draught-free distribution of the cold air is important for your employees’ well-being and the resulting reduction in days off sick. With shock-freezers we pay particular attention that the freezing process is specific-to-product and product-friendly and that energy costs are kept low. Our customers include meat, fish and vegetable processing businesses, milk dairies, retail and logistics companies, forwarding agents and the pharmaceutical industry.

Our delivery program includes: 

  • refrigeration systems for deep-freeze stores
  • refrigeration systems for chiller stores
  • compact refrigeration units for walk-in chiller and freezer modules
  • refrigeration and air conditioning technology for production plants
  • bread rising rooms for bakeries
  • ripening rooms
  • shock-freezer plants
  • energy recovery