Chiller and Freezer Rooms

Our Service

For your cold storage activities we can supply and assemble modular chilling and freezing rooms, either as single units or grouped together as a combination for various uses. We supply and install the compact refrigeration units necessary for the chilling and freezing modules, and also the lighting and racking systems in aluminium or stainless steel. As in coldstore construction, we produce modular cold and freezing rooms made of PU sandwich elements without locking systems. We are specialists for the production

Walls and Ceilings

The walls and ceilings are insulated with PU sandwich elements with an integrated, eccentric interlocking system. The floor elements contain pressure-distributing foamed plates and have a slip-resistant surface of laminated plates, stainless steel or aluminium sheets. In the case of wet rooms, floors can also be tiled or given a monolithic covering. Depending on the differences in temperature, the insulating elements can be supplied in various thicknesses between 80 and 160 mm. The wall surfaces are either coated with plastic or made of stainless steel