Production Plants

Our Service

We can advise you when you are planning a new building or want to make alterations to your food production line and we can offer you the complete plant ready for operation from just one single partner.

We are specialists with many years of experience in:

  • slaughterhouses and meat processing businesses
  • milk processing industries and cheese factories
  • vegetable processing
  • industrial bakeries

We can provide you with your entire production plant, including all the processing and shock frosting technology and the storage and transport technology.

Hygiene Regulations (EU Norms)

We adhere strictly to the hygiene regulations specified by EU norms when selecting and processing building materials:

  • slip-resistant floor with high resistance to abrasion
  • hygienic, easy-to-clean wall surfaces either with a foodstuff-compatible coating or in stainless steel or glass-fibre reinforced plastic.
  • doors in stainless steel
  • wall protection systems in stainless steel and plastic
  • concave shaping at floor, wall and ceiling joints for easier cleaning.